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Fine-Tune a profile with special colors

How can I use ColorThink Pro to fine-tune a profile? I have an image with these problems colors in it. It would be great if I could use my eye-one to click on certain colors in my original art piece, and then have those colors be included in the profile building.

The worksheet in ColorThink Pro allows you to select colors in an image using an eye dropper tool. Those color selections are added to a colorlist, and that colorlist can be saved as a reference file - which can then be added into your regular reference file and make into a new, expanded target.

  1. Open an image in ColorThink
  2. Using the eyedropper tool Worksheet drop.jpg click on the colors you wish to sample. This will start populating a colorlist. Remember that you can zoom in on an image by enlarging the worksheet or using the magnify tool (in overlay or slice image modes only.)
  3. If you wish, save the color list by clicking on "<untitled list>", and "Save List As...".
Finetune colorlist5.jpg
  1. Drag the profile you wish to improve onto the image in the worksheet. This will automatically be placed in the workflow next to the original image.
  2. Click on "<untitled list>", and "Save List As...".
  3. Choose destination, RGB, and OK.
  4. Give the new colorlist a name, and click OK to save the new colorlist.

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