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Device Details in Maxwell

The Device Details pane shows information related to the print, measuring instrument, or other device.

The brand and model of the device can be set. If the particular brand or model is not in the Maxwell database, the user can add these when the pane is in Edit mode.

The most common field used under Device Details is Tracks >.

This lists all the Tracks that are formed from this Device.

Any track in Maxwell must originate from a Device.

Trend Graph (Device)

Trendline of device measurements

A Trend Graph can be viewed that represents the trend of all measurements on a particular instrument.

For example, if you have a printer that runs several different kinds of media, you can view the Trend Graphs of the different Tracks - but you can also view a Trend Graph of everything measured for that Printer.

Since this trend line can be made up of measurements from different tracks - all of which could contain different metrics - the Device Trend Line shows a predetermined set of the most popular metrics. This set of metrics cannot be changed by the user.

To view a Trend Report of a particular Track, see Track Details.

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