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Here are some very useful hints that can help you save time in Maxwell.


Navigate along the rail

Click and drag a title bar in order to move back and forth.

To move the panes back and forth on the Maxwell Rail, simply grab a title bar by clicking and dragging. As you drag to the left or the right, the panes will slide back and forth on the rail - allowing you to move back or forward very quickly.

Modes are "sticky"

It is helpful to keep in mind that the editing "mode" for a particular object type (like a Track or a Device) is sticky for other objects of that type. So when editing a track (in edit mode), if you open a second track, it will automatically open it into the same mode (editing). This is true for Maxwell browsing within a single browser tab or window.

Double-Click to Edit

Double click on any field label
Double click on any field label

A very easy way to change between edit and non-edit modes is to double click on any field label. In other words, any of the gray headings in a pane can be double-clicked to move the entire pane into Edit more or out of Edit more. This is much faster than using the Edit button / Done button at the bottom of the panes. Note that the label name must be double-clicked. This will not work upon the data or contents of the pane.

Duplicate Reference Sets

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