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available in Maxwell Client version 5.5 or later


Auto-Registration of Color Instruments and MeasureWatch Control

MeasureWatch Control is Maxwell's integrated color measurement control system. It is included with all Maxwell color measurement services and is how Maxwell ensures the highest quality and trustworthyness of measurements. MeasureWatch Verify is an additional instrument verification service that is available if desired. For more information regarding MeasureWatch Control and MeasureWatch Verify go <here>

As part of MeasureWatch Control, every instrument that is controlled directly by Maxwell Client will be automatically registered in Maxwell. Initially, a system-wide search is performed using the instrument's manufacturer, model and serial number. If no matching instrument is found, a new Maxwell record is created for the instrument and is automatically configured for manufacturer, model, name, owner, and serial number.

After registration, all subsequent measurements into Maxwell will be directly tied to the instrument record. From any measurement in Maxwell, one can link over to the instrument record and then click for a list of all measurements taken with the instrument.

Only one record (system-wide) is created for an instrument in Maxwell. If subsequent measurements are taken in a copy of Maxwell Client which does not have access privledges to the instrument record, the instrument's record ID will still be used to tie all measurements to the instrument. Contact CHROMiX directly if you need access to an instrument's record or you need it moved from one account to another.

Maxwell's strict data protection still applies to all measurements. Though many measurements may be linked to an instrument record in Maxwell, only the measurements a user is allowed to see will appear when searching for the measurements an instrument has taken. Again, contact CHROMiX if you have any questions or concerns.

User-Created Instrument Records

Instrument records created by users "by hand" in Maxwell cannot be used by the Maxwell Client and a new instrument record will be created automatically.

There is a machine-only writeable field in the instrument record which contains the device serial number as seen by the device drivers.

We recommend allowing the Maxwell Client to create instrument records automatically. Then you can edit them to change their name, add notes, and so forth. If you have a number of instrument records you have already created or a significant number of instruments to manage and you want to pre-create the records, please contact CHROMiX and we'll help with the setup.

MeasureWatch Verify integration

If MeasureWatch Verify has been activated for an instrument, Maxwell Client will automatically configure itself for verification measurements.

The instrument will also appear with the MeasureWatch Verify target symbol in the left menu.


In Maxwell Client v5.5 I see a link in my instrument pane that says "Unshared". What does this mean?
This means that the instrument record in Maxwell is not accessible by the Maxwell Client due to insufficient user rights. The instrument was likely registered within a different account.
It's OK for things to remain this way. All measurements by the instrument will be tied to the record in Maxwell, though only those with the proper permission will be able to see them.
How do I move my instrument record in Maxwell to another account?
Please contact CHROMiX technical support directly and we will work with you to either move the instrument record to a different account or grant your user(s) the permission to see it.
Can I delete an instrument record in Maxwell? What happens if I do?
We do not recommend deleting an instrument in Maxwell once it has measurements associated with it. In fact, Maxwell will hide an instrument but not delete it. If you have retired or sold an instrument we recommend renaming it as such and perhaps placing it an a different "location". Then the "paper trail" for measurements is not disrupted.
My i1iO appears in Maxwell as an i1Pro?
As far as Maxwell is concerned, the instrument itself is an i1Pro and Maxwell only allows one record per instrument. Also the i1Pro might be used separately from the iO. If you always use the i1Pro in the iO table, you can rename the instrument in Maxwell as an iO for clarity.
The instrument set up in Maxwell Client is out of date or pointing to a different Maxwell instrument. How do I correct this?
Connect the instrument to the Maxwell Client so it appears in the left menu. Select the instrument. Click the "-" button at the bottom of the left menu and confirm the removal. Physically unplug the instrument and plug it back in. Maxwell Client will connect to the corrected instrument record in Maxwell.
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