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In identifying devices such as printers, inks, paper and other media, Maxwell allows for users to add any brands and models that are not already included in the lists available to them.

When creating a new printer, paper or ink brand or model, the ColorWiki documentation warns the user with the following information:

Whenever adding new models, pay close attention to how you name them, for these model names will be publicly viewable in 24 to 48 hours. During that time, you may make changes or edits, we will review the naming and ensure that the Maxwell list of models does not include multiple versions of the same device.

Once 48 hours is up, Maxwell administrators will review these new brands, types and models, and confirm that they adhere to our policy for:

Chromix will make any corrections necessary to conform to our policy and then allow the new addition to be used by all Maxwell users ("make it available to the public.")

New brands, types and models need to be spelled correctly. We will endeavor to use a consistent form which fully describes the option. Emphasis will be put on allowing for separate choices where a difference in color will be (or can be) a result. If necessary we will error on the side of more detail rather than 'not enough information.' We will also edit or delete any names that appear to be obscene, offensive or defamatory in character.

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