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Maxwell automatically supplies several common standard references for the printing industry. If you are a printer, setting one of these references as your track reference will allow you to track how closely your print measurements come to matching "the standard."

GRACoL 2006 #1 paper

SWOP 2006 #3 paper

SWOP 2006 #5 paper

These can be used as a reference for a printer track.

Note that for printer tracks, Maxwell compares characterization data, or measurements, in track results - rather than profiles. If you would like to use a profile as a reference, we can help you with simple ways to create accurate characterization data from a profile. See how to do this using ColorThink Pro for example.


Adding a custom reference

Here is a procedure for adding your own printer reference. If you want to know how much your printer color drifts over time, set one of your target measurements in place as a reference (when your printer is in prime operating condition), and all the following measurement entries will be compared to your first "standard".

Choose upload measurements and choose reference file.

1. Create a new device if you haven't already done so.

2. Create a new track if necessary. You can temporarily choose any of the references available during the process of setting up a new track.

3. In the Track Details pane, choose Upload Measurements, choose the file you want as a reference, and click Upload File.

Choose expand to open up full Color Set details.

4. Back in the Track Details pane, choose Measurements, and click on the file you just uploaded to bring up the Color Set Details pane.

5. Since this pane is in a condensed view by default, you need to expand it to see all the options available. Click the Expand icon in the upper left corner of the pane to open it fully.

Change color aim to "true".

6. Click Edit in the Color Set Details pane to change into Edit mode.

7. Click the field under "Use as Color Aim" and change it from false to true.

8. Click the green checkmark to confirm the change, and the Done button to exit Edit mode.

This aim will now be available whenever you call up a list of potential reference files.

Important note
If your color aim contains duplicate patches, be aware that the metric results shown by the Maxwell Client may not be identical to the same metric values as calculated by Maxwell online. For this reason, we recommend that all color aims be submitted to CHROMiX, so that we can average duplicate patches, and present you with color aims that are corrected for this.

YouTube video

Click here for a YouTube video showing this process.

Using this reference in your Track

Your new reference shows up in the list of color aims

To assign this reference to your current track:

  1. Go back to Track Details and expand the pane if necessary
  2. Click the Edit button to put the pane into edit mode
  3. Click the existing reference name under Reference Set
  4. Click the blue add button to add a new reference name. This opens up a new pane: "Reference Set Details"
  5. Specify a unique name for this reference.
  6. Choose the correct aim from among the options in the Color Aim drop down box.
  7. Click the green checkmark to confirm the change, and the Done button to exit Edit mode.
  8. Click the Done button in Track Details to confirm the new color reference set name.

Note: Maxwell allows you to define a reference set by giving it a reference name which may be different from the filename of the actual color aim file.

The reference set is designed to be able to be used on many different tracks. This makes it easy to set up many tracks to all be judged by the same criteria.

High volume option

For large numbers of tracks and references, we recommend designating a separate track just for uploading targets. Uploading into this "Target Bin" track makes the targets available to be used as color aims, and at the same time keeps the production tracks clear of these initial color aim uploads. This also keeps all the color aims in one place any time you need to find them in the future.

CHROMiX does not charge customers for a "Target Bin" track used for this purpose.

Direct-from-Client option (Reference Color upload)

Choose Reference Color to open up the Client for reference measurements

Sometimes, the desired way to create a new color aim for a track is to use a new measurement from a newly setup printer in good working order. Maxwell can be setup to easily allow a "golden run" or a first measurement to be created using the Maxwell Client. Here is the recommended procedure:

- The options for selecting M0, M1, aperture size, etc., will all be unlocked and available for selection.
- Choose the options reflecting the measurement conditions you will want for the new Reference Set you are creating.

This new upload can be marked and used as a color aim as described in Adding a Custom Reference. This color aim will already have the specific measurement parameters that were selected when it was measured.

See also: Maxwell Metrics

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