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CGS Publishing Technologies International LLC
100 North First Street, Suite 308B
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55403
Tel +1 612 870 0061 - Fax +1 612 870 0063 -

CGS Publishing Technologies International GmbH
Kettelerstra├če 24
D-63512 Hainburg, Germany
Tel+49 6182 9626 0 - Fax +49 6182 9626 99 -

Established in 1985, CGS Publishing Technologies International GmbH, Hainburg, Germany, is a world leader in color managed proofing and production workflow for the professional graphics arts market. Headquartered near Frankfurt, CGS also has operations in the United States, as well as sales and support partners throughout the world.


CGS was founded with the aim of developing a page assembly system (Digi-Design) for designing magazine and catalogue pages directly on a computer. Competing with other high-end systems from Crosfield, Hell and Scitex, the original CGS system combined high-end image manipulation and page layout on Digital Equipment Corporation's powerful VAX VMS workstations.
In 1991, CGS introduced its standalone CEPS environment under the name ORIS (Open Reproduction on Industry Standard.) Originally running on DEC Alpha workstations, ORIS was introduced for Windows in 1997. A PostScript RIP was added, as was a sophisticated, server-based automation system and a high-end color management environment for proofing. The product line was defined in the late 1990s as ORIS Page (layout and design), ORIS Works (workflow) and ORIS Color Tuner (proofing). During that time, it was widely adopted among gravure and other large printing operations, as well as by catalog and magazine publishers.

Industry Alliances

The overriding goal of CGS – to provide the top proofing and workflow products in the industry – has been and will be achieved with the help of key strategic partners. CGS has close, long-standing development relationships with Canon, Epson and Hewlett Packard, to insure that ORIS proofing systems take full advantage of the latest advances in high-speed, precision inkjet technology. The company also works with leading color management companies GretagMacbeth and X-Rite, providing ORIS users with a wide range of integrated color measurement and analysis tools. In the area of proofing ink and papers, CGS has pioneered unique research and development relationships with select manufacturers around the world. This has resulted in innovative, often exclusive proofing materials – each designed to deal with the demands of inkjet technology, while meeting the stringent requirements of proofing for publications, commercial printing, packaging and more.
In addition to its strategic partners, CGS is an active member of the International Color Consortium (ICC) and other industry groups, working to create practical specifications, standards and practices for the improvement of the graphic arts industry.

Leadership and Innovation

Today, CGS' customer base is international, and the ORIS product line is being adopted by a diverse and growing number of print buyers, publishers, prepress businesses and printers of every kind. The ORIS Digital Proofing System has become the company's fastest-growing segment, and has achieved widespread industry recognition, including the GATF InterTech Technology Award. It was also the first system of its kind to achieve SWOP, 3DAP, FOGRA and PPA proof4print certification.
ORIS product development is conducted at the main CGS facility in Hainburg, Germany. Support facilities exist in all parts of the world, augmented by a growing number of independent and reseller-affiliated ORIS specialists.

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