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MemoryScan Positioning

available in Maxwell Client version 5.5 or later

Available for Barbieri Spectro LFP and X-Rite i1iO

With MemoryScan, a target's position on the scanning table can be memorized for rapid reuse.

A separate memory is available for each target name.

Setting Memory
Select Memory Position
Click Set Memory
Position measurement head on target just as with a normal scan
after the final corner, memory is set
Memory Scanning
Position target on scanning table in the same position as before - heavy tape or markers are necessary to ensure target position is repeateable
Ensure 'Memory Position' is selected
Click Start

Click here for a YouTube video showing Memory Scan in operation

Multi-page Targets

available in Maxwell Client version 5.5 or later

Scanning with multi-page targets
Load supported target type as normal
Select single or multi-page view - the "Layout" button allows for single-page or multiple-page viewing
Move between pages - use the < and > buttons to move forward or backward through the active target pages
Scanning occurs into the currently active page
Page completion markers
As each page is completed, a Scan Complete marker will appear on the page and the Measure window will select the next un-scanned page.
AutoScan and Barcodes in Maxwell Client
Barcodes for AutoScan when used with the iSis scanner can now include page numbers. The MD03 barcode format can only be used with Maxwell Client v5.5 or later.
When scanning multi-page AutoScan targets, pages can be scanned in any order and selecting the correct page will happen automatically.

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