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These pages describe the software produced by Chromix, Inc. which is used to analyze, organize, repair, and graph ICC color profiles, images and color lists. The complete toolset for managing, repairing, evaluating and graphing ICC profiles.

Quick link to ColorThink Pro

ColorThink 2

The original ColorThink has gone through many changes since it was first introduced in 2000. To get the most current version click here: Demo and downloads

An overview of its toolset features:

Profile Manager
Organize your profiles by turning them on and off individually or in sets.
Profile Inspector
Open all types of ICC Profiles and inspect their color data, header, tag table and other details. Change default settings to fit your workflow. Also, display neutral rendering curves (v2.1 only)
2D Graphing
Nothing gets the idea across faster than the graph of a printer gamut. 2D graphing allows the overlay of multiple profiles and data sets.
3D Graphing
Move up to 3D graphing when you are ready to analyze your devices and workflow. See the cause of proofing and printing problems. Graph measurement files and image colors to compare with device gamuts.
Image Inspector
Open images and see the embedded profile. Export, change(mac only) or delete(mac only) it at will. Learn to handle the files your customers are sending.
Profile Renamer
Profiles have two names; internal and external. Confused by what appears in menus? Change the internal and external names with this tool.
Profile Linker
Some RIPs allow linked profiles to be loaded for proofing purposes. Profile Linker will built those profiles for you, quickly and easily.
Profile Medic
Multi-point integrity checks can be performed on one or all the profiles in your system. If Profile Medic finds fixable problems a quick click and you are back to work.
Color Lists
Open measurement files from most profiling applications. View them in list form with rendered colors. Apply profiles to the lists for testing and graphing.

The ColorThink 2 manual is a 47-page pdf that goes into great detail covering all of its features: ColorThink 2 Manual

ColorThink 3 - "Pro"

CTP icon.jpg

The Pro version of ColorThink contains all the features of version 2, plus has the following features added:

ColorThink Pro adds major features to the award-winning ColorThink software toolset. While most tools have been updated and enhanced, the biggest changes are the Color Worksheet, the ColorSmarts Guide and in the Graphing and Profile Inspector tools.

Even with the addition of over 100 new features there are fewer tools due to the revolutionary design of the Color Worksheet. The Worksheet simplifies image, color and profile evaluation while doing away with the profile linker and image inspector.For what's new, see the Feature Comparison sheet.

Powerful profile linking. Create device-link and abstract profiles from ANY multi-profile combination. Includes clean-black links Revolutionary ColorCast technology modifies existing profiles to have powerful build-in proofing capabilities. Overcome Photoshop limitations for proofing up to 10 channels!

ColorThink Pro 3 Manual

For a comparison between the two products from the Chromix website, click here

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