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AutoScan and automatic routing in Maxwell are powerful features which make it easy for busy press room operators to scan verification targets and have them automatically routed to the correct Maxwell tracks. With automatic routing setup in the system, and the Maxwell Client software in AutoScan mode, all a user has to do is feed a target into the automatic sheet reader. Currently Maxwell supports the X-Rite iSis, and the Konica Minolta FD-9 instruments. The software handles the measurement and the uploading of the data into the appropriate Maxwell track.

AutoScanning is an exclusive feature of the Digital PressWatch service in Maxwell.

Go to the AutoScanning Demo page to download a target and get instructions for trying this out for yourself.

The Autoscan button is in the bottom right corner of the Maxwell client program.



AutoScan is the automated scanning of color targets into Maxwell. When the Maxwell Client is put into AutoScan mode, the X-Rite iSis, or the FD-9 instrument is initialized and put into "standby mode." With an iSis, the scanning head is moved into the detection position and flashes its light periodically, awaiting target insertion. It will return to this state after measuring and grading a target, allowing for virtually hands-free operation until cancelled by the user. Similarly, an FD-9 will activate once a sheet is fed into the front feed slot.

An example of a bar code readable by an iSis chart reader.

When a target is inserted into the instrument, its barcode or QR code is read and decoded in a pre-scan phase. At that time the Maxwell Client program determines the target's Target ID and obtains from Maxwell:

If the code contains appropriate information for automatically routing the target, AutoRouting follows.

AutoRouting is the automatic determination of where in Maxwell's device & track hierarchy a target's measurements should be delivered. If required, it also includes the automatic bonding and setup of a track in Maxwell client, making it appear in the left menu. By determining where measurements belong, Maxwell client also can gather the relevant data for grading and reporting on the measurements.

Several different parameters can be encoded into a target's bar code:

When a routing code is found in the bar code or QR code, Maxwell client will search the Maxwell tracks (to which it has the permission to access) for a matching routing code. When it successfully finds a matching track, Maxwell client downloads the following information:

  • the track's reference set, including the color aim, Metrics & tolerances
  • the track's reporting label (or full page report if desired) and graphics
  • any other data required

Maxwell client caches the information so measuring is not interrupted if it is unable to communicate with Maxwell. Measurements are also cached and will be uploaded to Maxwell when communication is restored.


Enter the routing code in the Track Details pane of Maxwell.

A number of components need to be in place for AutoScanning to perform properly:

Target and Routing Code setup

Routing code

A unique routing code is required for each track that is to accept measurements. We will issue codes initially, in the future they will be able to be set by the account administrator.

Bar coded targets

The routing code and other information are to be encoded into each target's bar code. We will perform this encoding initially, in the future a utility will be available to enable manual and automated encoding of bar codes and imposing onto target image files.

In Maxwell

Track configuration

Enter routing codes into the Track Details pane of the tracks. Look for the Routing Code field and ensure they are entered exactly as given.

Target reference upload

CHROMiX will perform this operation.

Target scan definition upload

CHROMiX will perform this operation.

In Maxwell client

Client User configuration

  • AutoScanning requires the Maxwell Client app to have permission to bond to Maxwell tracks. This is accomplished via a special Maxwell user account intended for use only in the Maxwell Client. We will supply you with the account information and ensure it is configure properly in Maxwell. To enter it into Maxwell client, select "Maxwell Client" in the left menu and click the "Bond Maxwell Client" button.
  • Select and setup a label or report printer. Even if you do not plan on printing reports, a label/report printer should be set up for correct operation.


Ongoing administration

Routing codes can be moved between tracks as desired. We strongly recommend removing routing codes from the old track before entering them into a new track to avoid duplication. If duplicate routing codes are found by Maxwell client, it will select the first track found by the software and the data will be routed there. There is no guarantee which track it might be - so avoid duplicates.

Maxwell AutoScanning Demo

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