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Here are some very useful hints that can help you save time and trouble in Maxwell.



Remember it's a web interface

The things that can be done online in a modern browser are amazing! Read here for more information on the modern browser technology used by Maxwell. It's easy to forget that you're clicking and navigating online and not in a desktop app. Depending on the speed of your internet service and the functions that are called, the user interface may take a few seconds to complete its function. Be patient. There is a lot of intelligent processing going on "under the hood" - and it may take a few seconds to refresh a field, or draw a trendline with live data, or call up a track with a lot of measurements, etc.

Navigate along the rail

Click and drag a title bar in order to move back and forth.

To move the panes back and forth on the Maxwell Rail, simply grab a title bar by clicking and dragging with the mouse cursor. As you drag to the left or the right, the panes will slide back and forth on the rail - allowing you to move back or forward very quickly.

Modes are "sticky"

It is helpful to keep in mind that the editing "mode" for a particular object type (like a Track or a Device) is sticky for other objects of that type. So when editing a track (in edit mode), if you open a second track, it will automatically open into the same mode (editing). This is true for Maxwell browsing within a single browser tab or window.

Double-Click to Edit

Double click on any field label
Double click on any field label

A very easy way to change between edit and non-edit modes is to double click on any field label. In other words, any of the gray headings in a pane can be double-clicked to move the entire pane into Edit mode or out of Edit mode. This is much faster than using the Edit button / Done button at the bottom of the panes.

Note that the label name must be double-clicked. This will not work upon the data or contents of the pane.

Send email links

Send an email link

Anytime you want to communicate something about Maxwell you can include a link that will take the recipient directly to the pane in Maxwell that you want them to see.

This will open up your default email account and compose an email template including a link to this pane in Maxwell. You can complete the email, or the link can be copied and pasted into another form of communication. When the link is clicked, anyone who has access to that Maxwell account will be taken to that pane (user login required).

This is a very useful tool for directing others to see something in Maxwell that you are trying to explain. Use this when communicating to others in your organization, or when contacting CHROMiX!

Duplicate Reference Sets

Highlight the set and choose Duplicate Object.

If your reference sets are often setup using the same metrics, it is much easier to create a new reference set by duplicating an existing one. Find the list of Reference Sets, highlight the one you wish to duplicate, choose the gear menu at the bottom of the pane, and select "Duplicate Object."

Graphs can also be duplicated in a similar manner.


Two ways to refresh a pane

When changing fields in a Maxwell pane, most elements are automatically refreshed.

If you find you need to refresh a pane, there are at least two ways to do so:

  1. Click the refresh button to the left of the edit button, or
  2. Click the link “before” that pane to refresh it.

Moving into and out of "Edit" mode will also refresh a pane.

Look to the Results Summary

Order the dE column to show results in order from worst to best.

When diagnosing color problems in a measurement, be sure to check out the Results Summary for that measurement. The Patch-to-patch comparison can quickly isolate where the color differs from the reference. Click the dE column twice to order all measurements starting with the worst (the highest deltaE).

Multiple-file downloads


Some advanced users have the rights to download measurements from Maxwell. These can be downloaded one-at-a-time using a download link in the Color Set Details pane.

Any list of measurements can be downloaded
Click download button to save measurements to your computer

Multiple files can be downloaded together in one compressed group.

When viewing any list of measurements in Maxwell,

A new pane appears allowing the downloading of the items in a zipped file.

Video showing how to setup Maxwell

This is a 15-minute overview of how to setup Maxwell online. This covers how to begin setting up Devices and Tracks, uploading measurements, choosing a Reference Set, and creating Metrics and Notifiers.


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