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finding the notifier icon

Notifiers are event handlers you can attach to almost any Maxwell object type. When a particular event relating to that object occurs, the notifier will wake up and handle whatever task you have specified. A common use of a notifier is to have it email someone when a track falls outside of the tolerances set for it.

Notifier icon.jpg To create Notifiers, navigate to the desired object and click on the triangular Notifier icon on the bottom right side of the object's detail pane.
Click the list's '+' button and a new notifier is created for you to configure.

To Create a Notifier

Example of the Notifiers pane

Most Notifiers start at the Track Details pane.

  1. Find the Track Details pane, expand it, and click Edit to get into Edit mode.
  2. Click the Notifier icon.jpg icon to view the list of notifiers for this track
  3. Click the [+] button to create a new notifier
  4. Give the notifier a distinctive name (Notifier Name)
  5. Choose what kind of notifier will be used (Notifier Trigger)
  6. Choose what action the notifier will take when it is triggered (for example: "Email Me")

Kinds of Notifiers

Device-New Track Created

Choose this trigger if you would like to be notified when a new track is created for a device. This can let you know who is monitoring a printer, for example. This notifier is accessed in the Device details pane.

Track - New data measurements

This option will notify you when any new measurement files are uploaded into this Maxwell track. If you are tracking a printer, you will be notified when a new target measurement is uploaded into Maxwell. If you are tracking a display, you will be notified as soon as a new monitor profile is created and uploaded into Maxwell.

Track - Tolerance check

Choosing this option will notify you when your track has exceeded the tolerance limits set in the metrics for that track's reference set.

See Maxwell Metrics for more information about setting metrics.

Notifier Levels

Since Notifiers can be selected and used in different places, it makes a difference at which level a notifier is invoked.

Track Level

A notifier turned on at the track level will send out Notifiers when that particular track is triggered.

For example, if you create a notifier to alert you when Epson Inkjet #4 falls out of tolerance, you will get a Notifier email when a measurement for Epson #4 falls outside of the limits set in your metrics for that reference set.

Device Level

Device-level metrics are not set up at this time. This feature will be coming soon.

Account Level

If a Notifier is created at the Account level (in the Account Details pane), then an email is sent out whenever a triggering even happens for any object in that account.

For example, if I make a new Notifier in my Account Details pane that is triggered by "User - New device created" - then I will be notified whenever a new device is created in this account.
If I make a new Notifier in my Account Details pane that is triggered by a "Tolerance failure" - then I will be notified whenever any device on any track fails the tolerance on any of its metrics.

Account-level Notifiers make it easy to be notified for everything going on in your system. With an account-level Notifier, you don't have to set up a separate Notifier for each individual track if that is what you need.

Ownership of Notifiers

Note: An important distinction between Notifiers and almost all other Maxwell objects is their ownership. A Notifier's owner is set to the user who created it rather than the owner of the related object. This allows you to attach Notifiers to objects you don't own. This way you can monitor color standards or other public or private objects for which you have view access.

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