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CHROMiX Maxwell draws on a wide range of technologies. This page summarizes those technologies for those interested in Maxwell's underpinnings or who are working on supporting Maxwell through API communications. Most technologies below are not of CHROMiX construction but a few are.


Maxwell Technologies

Color Science

Spectral Data

Colorimetric Data

At this time, XYZ and Lab values in Maxwell are calculated for D50 and 2 degree observer. Emissive colors for displays and illuminants may be based on a non-D50 white point but will be adapted to D50 for color differencing equations in most cases.
Maxwell has the ability to specify and adapt to/from varying white points and we will be exposing more of these capabilities in future upgrades.

Densitometric Data

Color Differencing



Web Communications

Data Structures & Formats

Color FIle Formats

ASCII-based color measurement files
Color eXchange Format


Meta Data Handling

Maxwell natively includes and uses the standard parameters of Time, Equipment and Location fields for Meta Data. CHROMIX has added fields for Job, Project, Product and Customer information as well as custom information upon request. It is also possible to capture and import Meta Data information from another system or DFE.

CHROMiX SmartTarget™

CHROMiX SmartTarget is patent-pending technology that allows the automatic reconcilliation of color patches between color targets containing different sets of patches in any order.
For SmartTarget to function properly, all measurement files should contain BOTH device values and color or spectral values for each patch. X-Rite i1Profiler and Barbieri's Chart Generator - as well as most modern measurement software - create color files of this type by default, so if you are using these tools you should have no problems.
SmartTarget aids in the uploading / importing of colors as well as the rapid and reliable extraction of color values from the repository.

Dates and Times

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