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When expanded, the Track Details pane in Maxwell offers the following parameters:

Example of the Track Details pane.


Track Name

The name of the track.

Tracked Device

The name of the device which is being tracked. Note that all Maxwell tracks must have a device, so most setup procedures in Maxwell begin with setting up a device first.

Reference Set

The reference set that new measurements will be compared to. For more on Reference sets, click here.


Adjusting the Trend Window Size number will affect how many measurement files are included in the trend report for that track. Increasing the number will allow the Trend report page to include more of the most recent measurements. This will allow you to see more of your measurements in the window, but naturally, this can make the trend report quite crowded, visually if you have a large number of files in that track. The default is 30.

Trend Window Units can be set to "measurements" or "days". The default is "measurements" and most users will leave it on this option. When set to "days" the Trend window will show only the days that are included in the Trend Window Size parameter.

Maxwell Client

Label Report Layout

Maxwell can make use of many different layouts for labels or for printed reports, including custom layouts. For smaller, pass/fail labels printed as part of a proofing service, choose the standard layout (label layout Std.) For full sheet, letter-sized reports which include heatmaps, choose TargetView report.

This allows you to choose between the default Maxwell logo and any customized logos that have been uploaded by the user. This label logo is used when printing pass / fail labels from the Maxwell Client app. To upload a logo into this list, choose the Upload Logo Action in Account Details.

Label Reprint Auto Copies

This field enables the Maxwell Client app to allow multiple copies of labels to be printed. The number entered here is the maximum number allowed. This field allows an administrator to enable this feature - but still limit the number of copies. In the Client itself a popup menu appears that allows the user to choose from 1 to the maximum number of copies each time they print. The selection in the Client is "sticky" - so it will stay at the same number from proof to proof (unless you reduce the maximum copies preference in Maxwell.) If the value here is set to 6, for example, the Client will show a field which allows the user to select any number of duplicate labels to be printed up to 6. The default is 0.

Instrument Recalibration

When a user is measuring a large number of small targets with an i1Pro, he may not want or need to have the instrument recalibrate with each measurement. This field will allow the i1Pro to require recalibration:

This field is accessible in Maxwell and is intended to be used by an administrator.

Routing Code

For advanced users using Digital PressWatch, a routing code corresponding to a specific target definition is entered here.

Track level color aim is for temporarily overriding the regular color aim for testing purposes.

Track-level Color Aim

A color aim can be specified for this particular track, which overrides the color aim designated in the reference set for this track.

This may be useful when a user has a large number of tracks all using the same reference set. If one track needs to be changed (for temporary testing purposes for example), this provides an easy way to override the regular color aim with the tTrack-level one.

Except for rare exceptions like this one, this field should always be left on the default of "undefined". This will ensure that the regular color aim will be in use.

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