Print Preview and Soft Proofing

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This Tip shows you how to set up the worksheet CTP to follow the same workflow you would use to print through a profile, and then shows how the reverse direction of the profile (the proofing direction) looks as you soft-proof through your monitor profile.

Printer proof2.jpg


  1. Drag image into ColorThink Pro icon on desktop (Windows) or dock (Mac). This will automatically launch CTP and bring up the Color Worksheet.
  2. Click and drag your working space profile onto the profile question mark labeled "no profile embedded" so that your working space is the first profile in the workflow.
  3. Click and drag your printer profile onto the image. This will add the printer profile to the workflow.
  4. Click and drag your printer profile icon from where you just posted it, to a blank area to the right of the image. This will apply your printer profile again to the workflow.
  5. Click and drag your monitor profile to the end of the workflow.

See Shortcuts for turning worksheet regions on or off


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