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Device link profiles are direct connections between two device spaces. As such, they don’t have a “gamut” and cannot be graphed in a 3D grapher like the one in ColorThink. However, you can see the results of using a device link profile in a workflow, and you can graph the behavior of a device link profile in the Grapher.

workflow including a device link profile

First off, note that device links start and end with device spaces. For example, a CMYK to CMYK device link will have to start with CMYK values and will deliver CMYK values at the end. This device link cannot be placed in a workflow immediately after a transition that ends in Lab or RGB for example. Some people try to use a device link in the wrong place and think there is something wrong when it does not work.

Here is an example of how to use a CMYK to CMYK device link in a workflow, and view the results in the Grapher:

  1. Open a Worksheet
  2. Click the add (+) button and browse to Favorites > Stunt Files > Lab cloud
  3. Add a CMYK profile to the workflow to create CMYK data
  4. Add a CMYK device link profile
  5. Turn on delta E
  6. Move the delta E arrows so that the CMYK profile is compared with the Device Link profile (see illustration).
Click to enlarge

This presents a comparison between the CMYK profile and the device link.

Click to enlarge
The Grapher will show the vectors representing the difference between the CMYK profile and the action of the device link profile.

This is just an introduction on the use of device links in ColorThink. You will want to adjust these procedures according to how you use device links in your own workflow.

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