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How to find preferences on a Windows computer:  choose Edit > Preferences...

The Preferences tabs in ColorThink Pro allow for the choice of default behaviors in the software.

On a Mac computer, the preference fields are found under the title bar: ColorThink Pro > Preferences...

On a Windows computer, preferences are found under the title bar at: Edit > Preferences...


General preferences tab

Profiles have both an internal name, and an "external" name - the filename. Some programs (ie: Photoshop) will show the internal profile name in their lists of profiles. The filename of the profile will be seen while browsing a computer using Finder (Mac), or Windows Explorer. This tab provides the choice of which label will be displayed in ColorThink Pro.

Profile Manager

Profile Manager tab

ColorThink Pro runs some basic diagnostics on the profile makeup of the operating system when the program is first opened. If running ColorThink Pro on a slower machine, or if this diagnostic is not needed, this can be turned off.

The choice of displaying the profiles' internal or the filename can be selected for the Profile Manager.

Profile Medic

Profile Medic tab

By default, the Profile Medic will run all of its diagnostic routines. By unchecking these boxes, it will not include profiles that are disabled in the Profile Manager, profiles with Finder Tag problems, or files that are not profiles. By checking these boxes, the Profile Medic will check for all of these conditions.

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