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Profile Manager

Use Profile Manager to organize the profiles you have installed on your system. Profile Manager has a multi-paned interface that clearly shows all profiles installed on your system and also allows them to be selected by location profile type, color space and other attributes. Those users familiar with Apple Computer’s iTunes software should find the interface familiar. Profiles can be enabled or disabled individually or in sets.

Opening the Profile Manager


To Open the Profile Manager:

Profile Manager will open and begin scanning the appropriate folder locations for ICC profiles:




  • ~/ Library/ ColorSync/ Profiles/ (your user folder)
  • / Library/ ColorSync/ Profiles/ (system-wide multi-user access)
  • / System/ Library/ ColorSync/ Profiles/ (system-only profiles)
Example of the Profile Manager window

If you have been disabling profiles by locating them elsewhere on your hard disk, we suggest re-enabling them by placing them in their proper locations. This will make them available to all applications and users on your system and allow Profile Manager to handle them from now on. Once Profile Manager has finished scanning for profiles, it will display a window similar to the example on the right.

Profile Manager Window


The Icons – each profile is displayed with an icon as illustrated below:

Enabling & Disabling Profiles

Check or uncheck the box to the left of the profile to enable or disable it. Profiles that cannot be disabled due to their location or type will appear without a checkbox. This includes ColorSync default profiles (such as the Generic profiles) and profiles located in folders for which the user does not have sufficient privileges for copying and deleting files. Disabling a profile moves it into a folder near the original location with “(Disabled)” added to the folders name. If you have organized your profiles in subfolders, the subfolder structure will be maintained as the profile is disabled and re-enabled.


Use sets to enable or disable profiles in groups.

Display of Profile Information

Right click on a profile to bring up more options.

Through these three lists you can quickly choose profiles that fit your search requirements. The relevant profiles appear in the lower listbox for your inspection.

Listing Options

Opening a profile

The profile will open in the Profile Inspector.

Renaming a profile

Select “ProfileRename Profile…” and the Renamer will open for renaming.

See Profile Renamer for details on this function.

Restructuring / Rewriting a profile

Select “ProfileRestructure Profile"

This will read in the profile and write it back out to disk – see Restructure Profile above for more information

Drag & Drop Options

Drag profiles out of the Profile Manager list to:

Keyboard Shortcuts

With the Profiles List activated...

With a Profile selected...

Go on to next chapter - Profile Inspector & Renamer

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