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Enter two color lists
Compare two color lists using delta-E calculations. Good for comparing any two sets of measurements for two devices, ink fading, paper differences and so forth.

The two measurements should be formatted the same.

To demonstrate this test, use the "Matchprint Pol" and the "Matchprint No Pol" color lists that are found in the Stunt Files folder of your ColorThink Pro program file. This will compare the effect of a polarizing filter in measuring a Matchprint target.

Comparing two measurement files.

The same patches from the two measurements are listed together. The delta E column header can be clicked to order all the patches according to dE amount.

In this example, we can see that the polarizing filter caused darker patches to have a lower Lab value. Click on the Images tab to open up an image of the original target, showing the location of the patches with the highest delta E.

Choosing the graphing option (instead of "worksheet") will allow the change between color lists to be displayed in the 3D grapher.

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