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Editor's note: Curve2 is no long in production and has been superseded by Curve3 and Curve4.
Information on the entire line of Curve products is here.

Curve2 is a software program designed to simplify the IDEAlliance G7® calibration method. Inputting color measurement data, it will calculate color curves for the purpose of calibrating printing presses and other printers to the G7 calibration process.

IDEALink Curve, a joint-development between CHROMiX and HutchColor, ushered in the age of G7 calibration and helped propel it into a mainstream press calibration technique that is the basis for today's North American characterization colors in GRACoL #1, SWOP #3 and SWOP #5

Curve2 replaces IDEALink Curve software. Like IDEALink Curve, Curve2 is primarily designed for calculating G7 calibration curves, but does so with much higher precision due to completely new core algorithms.

Some of the features include:

The official press release is here:



P2P target from Hutchcolor

The software package can be downloaded at no charge from the CHROMiX website, but authorization codes need to be purchased before the user can run it:

Purchases can be made from participating vendors, including CHROMiX:

The P2P targets used in Curve2 are available from the Hutchcolor website:

User Manual

The user manual for Curve2 can be downloaded free of charge along with the software. This pdf is freely accessible without activation codes:

Video Tutorials

There are two sets of YouTube videos explaining in detail all the functions of Curve2

20-Minute Overview

Comprehensive (Full) version

OneRun Targets

See the OneRun target page in ColorWiki

The OneRun target, in combination with Curve2’s VPR (Virtual Press Run) module, makes it possible to calibrate a printer to G7, using multiple papers, and make profiles for the printer - all in one press run. The beauty here is that you only have to print one target, on one press run to do all this.

All of your papers + one target = OneRun.

Click for more information on OneRun targets

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