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Tutorial for creating ColorCast Profiles - for use with Windows Device Drivers

ColorThink Pro V3.01b6 produces ColorCast profiles that appear to work well in programs such as PhotoShop but fail when used in Windows device drivers. This note describes the details of how to add a final step in the creation process to patch the profile. (My thanks for Steve Upton for providing this solution)

(Editor's note: As of September, 2011, and ColorThink Pro version 3.0.2, the gamt tag is no longer missing from ColorCast profiles, and they can be used as normal in Windows printer drivers. (-PH)

FI 007.png

Steps to create a ColorCast Profile

Colorcast profiles are useful to allow a windows based printer (which uses the RGB color space) to mimic a CMYK press profile. In this case the example is using a Ricoh laser printer to mimic the output from a printing press set up to Fogra27 profile standards.

From ColorSmarts Guide select “create ColorCast profile” and select the Fogra 27 CMYK profile and the Ricoh profile as shown below

FI 001.png

A worksheet will open with the appropriate entries filled in.

FI 002.png

FI 003.png FI 004.png

Click on “Build Link” and the ColorCast profile will be created.

This Profile can be used as it is in programs such as PhotoShop CS2 but will fail if used in a Windows Device driver. The reason is that the required gamt tag is missing.

The Additional Step

The “trick” is to copy the gamt tag from another profile and insert it into the ColorCast Profile..

FI 005.png The new patched profile must then be saved with a new name. FI 006.png

The patched profile now conforms to the ICC standard and will load successfully into the Windows device driver.

--Forensic Imaging Limited 21:29, 1 September 2006 (PDT)

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