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To add an image, the image file has to be uploaded. Also other files can be uploaded, see below. The system uses the term "image" for any uploaded file. Uploading images on ColorWiki Commons allows embedding them in all ColorWiki Projects, as an exception to the general rule that files can only be embedded in pages of the project in which they are uploaded.


Easy Overview for Adding Images

Start with an image file

Click on Upload File

It is recommended that images not exceed 153600 bytes in size.

Insert the image into Wikitext

Use the following convention for adding an image into your edits:

Name of picture.jpg

[[Image:Name of picture.jpg]]

Align the Image Left or Right

Name of picture.jpg

The image can be place to the left or right of the text that follows by including "left" or "right" after a pipe (|):

 [[Image:Name of picture.jpg|right]] 


Here you see a sample picture showing some colors.

Captions or hover text can be included by adding it to the image data after a pipe (|):

 [[Image:Name of picture.jpg|left|Here you see a sample picture showing some colors.]] 

Detailed Instructions for Adding Images

See individual pages in the ColorWiki Help category.

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