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Here are some interesting websites that help one determine what colors go well together.

Most of these are free or offer a trial version.

Pantone Colors:

How do humans come up with names for colors?

What determines your eye color?

A "Color Thesaurus" to aid in seeing what names are commonly given to colors:

Color can affect human's "internal clock."

Here's a computer algorithm that comes up with names for colors:

Research into the true color of dinosaurs.

Color Marketing Group (CMG):

A centuries-old "pantone book"

Another personality test: More to do with personality and less to do with color:

Baker Miller Pink makes men weak?

Art or Design schools:

AIGA - American Institute of Graphic Arts:

Online Art Programs:

Find the color harmonies of RGB values:

A Photoshop file that allows you to quickly call up complimentary colors with different shades.

A little bit of the science and theory of how and where to use colors:

Color Theory from a painter's perspective:

Quick and easy color comparison for papers (by Neenah Paper):

Painting a house? This website shows over 100,000 paint color matches from over 100 paint brands. Also shows lots of color combinations. Find a color you like, and you can order a pint-sized sample to try yourself.

How does color affect purchases?

Treasures from a color pigment archive:

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