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Maxwell - Online color repository

CHROMiX Maxwell is an online color repository and management system. If you are interested in using Maxwell services, please contact CHROMiX at 206-985-6837 or email us at sales (at)

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Maxwell Introduction

System Requirements

Maxwell is an internet-based system that is primarily accessed through a web interface. Maxwell's web framework takes advantage of the capabilities of today's latest web browsers. All of the common web browsers will accommodate Maxwell. Supported browsers are:

Browsers not mentioned may or may not work properly with Maxwell. If you experience problems, try using the browser's compatibility mode if available.

Example of compatibility mode in Windows Explorer 10

Understanding the Maxwell Web Interface

Single-page application
When you navigate to the Maxwell web page, it may take a little time to load. Maxwell is a single-page application, so after the initial page loads all new information will be added or removed from the page, rather than the whole page refreshing. This makes accessing your data much faster and even works well over dialup or mobile connections!
AJAX technology
Maxwell uses AJAX extensively. AJAX (Asynchronous Javascript And Xml) allows a web page to call a web server and display the resulting information without having to refresh the entire page. This, along with other Javascript tools allows Maxwell to be a fast and responsive experience. It also allows us to avoid plug-in requirements like Flash, making Maxwell available on mobile systems.
Avoid the 'Back' button 
Your web browser's back button does not understand modern AJAX technology. If you press the back button you may leave the Maxwell page and need to sign back in. Use Maxwell's navigation buttons (on the Rail, for instance) to move around as needed.
Bookmarking Maxwell Objects 
Bookmarking is not available yet, but it will be soon.

Maxwell Interface Parts

The Dashboard

Maxwell's "dashboard"

Maxwell's Dashboard is an overlay sheet that appears when logging into Maxwell or any time you want to quickly review the selected Panes the Dashboard contains.

The Panes Interface

An example of Maxwell's Panes

Rail Parts

Opening the Rail 
The Rail opens automatically whenever Maxwell opens a list or detail Pane. So following a bookmark to Maxwell or clicking any items on the left menu will open the Rail.
Sliding the Rail
Arrow buttons on the right edge of the Rail allow scrolling to the next/previous Pane or the first/last pane. You can also click on any Pane title bar and drag all panes left or right. Drag and "throw" (let go while dragging) to scroll the Rail all the way to one end or the other.
Closing the Rail 
Click the close button on the end of the Rail to close it. You probably won't need to do this very often as the contents of the Rail are replaced automatically by any new left-menu items opened.

Basic Pane parts

Opening Panes
Panes open whenever a Maxwell item is opened from the left-menu, bookmarks, clicking on dashboard items, and so forth.
Expanding & Collapsing Panes
Click the expand/collapse box in the upper left corner of a pane to expand and collapse it. Expanded lists show multi-column lists and expanded details show information fields, controls, graphs, tables and other items.
Closing Panes
click to close a pane
Click on the Pane's close box to close it. You probably won't need to do this very often as the contents of the Rail are replaced automatically by any new left-menu items or bookmarks opened.

List Panes

Creating new items
add new If you have the correct privileges, the '+' button in the list footer will be enabled. Click on it to create a new list object. The new object will be of the type the list shows and will automatically open for you to edit.
If you find you are unable to create new objects, they may need to be created when linked from other objects. Examples include:
  • Tracks (You would create tracks by starting from Devices)
  • Profiles (You would also create profiles by creating a Device first.)
Showing / Hiding List Items
action menu Maxwell objects marked as 'hidden' will not show in lists. Select 'Show Hidden Items' from the Action (gear) menu to display these hidden items. See Detail Panes below for more information on hiding and showing objects.

Detail Panes

Example of a printer detail pane
Expanded & Collapsed views 
MX expand.jpg Expand Detail panes to see full details and/or edit them.
Navigation Links 
Related Items and Actions are available in Detail Panes when not in edit mode. Follow them to navigate to an object's component, 'parent', or otherwise related objects.
Detail pane footers contain links which are relevant for all Maxwell object types. They include:

Why the name "Maxwell"?

James Clerk Maxwell

Originally an in-house name to refer to the color repository being developed by CHROMiX, Maxwell was named for James Clerk Maxwell, the Scottish physicist who developed important equations relating to electromagnetism in the 1870's. He also is considered the inventor of the trichromatic photographic process: The world's first color photograph.

Did we mention he was a Scot?

After wearing the name around in the company for awhile, the name seemed to stick and Maxwell was announced to the public in December 2006.

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