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CHROMiX has a demonstration target that you can download and print to use in demonstrating how AutoScanning works in Maxwell. The following are step-by-step procedures:


Digital PressWatch AutoScanning

Here's a demonstration of how the AutoScanning feature of Digital PressWatch works.

This will show how to take our demo target, place a routing code in one of your Maxwell tracks, configure the Maxwell Client and turn on the AutoScanning feature of Maxwell.

These instructions assume the reader has a basic understanding of the Maxwell web interface.

Print the demo target

Digital PressWatch Autoscanning demonstration target

Download the demo target from CHROMiX:

(This target will print out to about 12 x 17 inches. Contact CHROMiX if you need a differently sized target.)

Choose Maxwell track

Choose a track in Maxwell

In your Maxwell web account, create or choose a track you wish to use for the demo. In the "Track Details" pane enter the following into the Routing Code section:
(Note that Track Details needs to be in the expanded mode in order to see the Routing Code field.)

Launch Maxwell Client

Launch the Maxwell Client.
Enter your username and password.

Bond Maxwell Client

Enter username and password for AutoScan

In the Information and Settings section, click on the Bond Maxwell Client button.
Enter your username and password.
(In production use, this procedure will be slightly different.)

Click the AutoScan button

Bottom left corner of the Client

This is in the bottom left corner of the Client.

Choose the instrument that will be used to measure.

Insert target into Instrument (iSis or FD-9)

Client measuring a target in Autoscan mode

After the Client connects with the measuring instrument, it will prompt you to insert the target.
Once it reads the bar code or QR code information, the Client will contact Maxwell to download relevant track information.
Depending on your internet connection, this can take several seconds before it will automatically move on to measuring the target. (This delay will only happen the first time you use this target.)

Once the measurement is done, the data will be saved and uploaded into the Maxwell track. The Client can accept the next AutoScan target or you can choose "Stop AutoScan" to cancel.

This scanning process is the same for multiple tracks.

As long as the routing code in the bar code matches the routing code in the Maxwell track, measurements will be routed appropriately.

More information about AutoScaning in Maxwell is here.

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