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Example of Client screen

The Maxwell Client makes it easy to update the Maxwell color repository with measurements and profiles. It "bridges the gap" between the web browser and your computer and uploads measurements automatically into Maxwell Tracks for immediate use anywhere in the world.

The Client directly drives / runs most of the spectrophotometers in the industry, including:

It can also make use of hot folders to upload measurements from other instruments. We are continually expanding Maxwell's compatibility with industry hardware and software.

The Client is a separate app that resides on the user's computer, and can:


System Requirements

Client system requirements

Mac OS X


For online data analysis (Maxwell)

Overview of Features


details of the Client information pane

The Maxwell Client setup pane is for entering Maxwell account login information. There is also:


Click on the Submit Feature Request / Bug Report link to send us feedback on:

Include any of the follow information that might be helpful to us:

  • Associated hardware that may be applicable to the problem.
  • The text of any error messages and/or Error Code(s)
  • Details of the symptoms
  • Steps you have already taken to solve the problem, and the results.
  • Other programs in use at the time the error occurred

Measurement targets

To use custom-made targets, click the Open Target Folder link. This opens the proper folder on your operating system into which you can place the target definition files for any targets you wish to use. The Client will accept target references made by the following apps:

For more information about using Client to read custom-made targets, go to Measuring your target with the Client.

Maxwell Tracks

Click to enlarge
Click to enlarge

Tracks can be printers, presses, or measurement instruments which you might want to have tracked in Maxwell.

To add a new track

See How to setup Maxwell to track a printer for more information on creating a track in Maxwell.



Routers are yet another way the Client can get data into Maxwell online.

Router Type

Once this is set up, this is an effortless way to upload proof verifications into a Maxwell Track.

Contact CHROMiX Tech Support for more details on setting this up.

Local Devices

Clicking on a specific device will bring up details about:

Color Instruments

The Client automatically detects spectrophotometers and colorimeters* that are connected to your computer.

Automatic Instrument Registration
When an instrument is plugged in and connected to the Maxwell Client, an instrument record will be automatically created in Maxwell. Also, all measurements with the instrument will be tied to it in Maxwell. So if you're wondering if a failed print might be caused by a faulty instrument, you can link right to the instrument, view a list all the measurements it has taken, and see if it has a history of failed measurements.

For those who have the MeasureWatch Verify service for an instrument, Maxwell Client will automatically configure itself for verification measurements. The instrument will also appear with the MeasureWatch Verify target symbol in the left menu. MWV.jpg MeasureWatch Verify measurements are performed in the instrument pane. Click on the instrument in the left menu and click “MeasureWatch Verify."

Clicking on the eject icon Eject.jpg next to the instrument will disconnect the instrument from its driver, so the instrument can be used by other programs.

From this pane you can:

Environment Sensors

For tracking the temperature, relative humidity, or barometric pressure, the Maxwell Client can capture current data at the time that measurements are happening. These environmental results are uploaded with the measurement and are listed in the Color Set Details pane.

Instruments supported by Maxwell for this purpose are available for purchase at the CHROMiX ColorGear Store.


The Maxwell Client will automatically detect any local printers connected to this computer. These are usually printers that are called to print pass/fail labels or Reports.

Click here for more information on setting up the Client to print pass/fail labels on a Dymo label printer.

Click here to learn about Report printing.

Instruments Menu

Instruments > Open Instrument Preferences...

The Maxwell Client interfaces with most of the measuring instruments in the industry. An Instruments preferences window contains settings specific to different instruments.

Track Defaults

Track Defaults

This is a good feature to be aware of when setting up multiple Client installations, or moving the app to a new computer.

This allows for setting the default instrument, and the default target, that will be put in place every time a new track is created.

The same can be applied to change every track that currently exists in the Maxwell Client.

If label or report printing is to be consistent for each track, that preference can be set here one time for all your tracks.



video showing measuring using the LFP.


Konica Minolta FD-9

video showing measuring using the FD-9


See the ColorWiki page on Techkon SDserver setup for Techkon SDserver software setup instructions.

video showing measuring using the Spectrodens.


YouTube video showing measuring using the i1Pro.

YouTube video showing measuring using the IO table.

View YouTube video showing measuring using an eXact.



The Update tab provides information about the version of the Client, and allows for a quick check with the CHROMiX servers to see if the current version is current.

Measurement Results

Typical result from measurement

After measuring, the results are shown in the Current Verification window.


The Details... button opens up a Measurement Details pane featuring more in-depth analysis of the data.

Alternative "Operator" mode

Typical operator mode function

For those who need a streamlined workflow, we offer the "Operator" mode which contains only the vital information needed for an operator to quickly upload regular measurements.

It is possible to "lock" the Client into either Operator mode or Administrative mode. See Maxwell Client Lock

*: coming soon.

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