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ColorShuttle creates hotfolders, into which the user can drop measurement files and have them automatically loaded into the correct Maxwell track.

To Create a Hot Folder

  1. Open ColorShuttle,
  2. Click on the Computer heading under Devices in the left column,
  3. Click the plus button CS plus.jpg on the bottom of the page to add a new item,
  4. Create a new folder in a convenient place on your computer, (click "Choose" when done)

For more information, click for an Overview of ColorShuttle features

or click the Maxwell category link at the bottom of this page.

Bond a Hot Folder to a Track

Click the button to "Bond to Maxwell Track"

Before the Hot Folder can upload measurements into Maxwell, we have to tell it where to send the data. When you bond to a Maxwell Track, you are telling the Hot Folder to send its data into a particular Maxwell track. For more information see the section on Creating a Maxwell track.

  1. Click the Hot Folder you created,
  2. Click the "Bond to Maxwell Track" button
  3. Sign in with your Username and Password (if necessary)
  4. Identify your Account, Device and Track. Click OK.

The options available with a bonded device (HotFolder)

Once your Hot Folder is bonded to a Maxwell track, all measurement files that are dropped into the Hot Folder will automatically be uploaded into the Maxwell track.

Adding Measurements

Here is a table showing Maxwell Hardware Compatibility. This is a partial list of instruments that are compatible with ColorShuttle and Maxwell.

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