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Profile Linker creates device link profiles from two device profiles. Device Link profiles are a type of ICC profile that can convert source device colors directly to destination device colors without passing through the profile connection space (PCS), which is typically Lab. They are typically used for simulating (proofing) one device or printing process on another, and are useful when the CMM performing the translation is not available on the computer which will be performing the color conversions. Photoshop can make use of device link profiles as well as many RIPs and color servers.

Access Profile Linker from the “Profile” menu, a button in Profile Inspector, or a button on the Menu Bar.

Profile Linker.jpg

From “Profile” Menu or the Menu Bar
From Profile Linker

You can also use the "Add Menu" button to add open or standard profiles.

The rendering intent defaults to “Absolute Colorimetric” to simulate the media color of the source profile on the second device. Choose “Relative Colorimetric” if you are proofing on the final media or their differences are slight. “Perceptual” and “Saturation” are not typically used in device link profiles but can be used.

The CMM chosen will override the CMM in the ColorSync control panel.

Drag and Drop options

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