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ICC profiles contain an internal name in addition to their file name. The intention of the internal name is to allow the profile creator or user to give the profile a better description than that which could be made using only a filename. This can be confusing as most applications use this internal name while the user sees the filename. Many users change the filename and expect the name displayed in application menus (such as Photoshop) to change. This is rarely the case and can cause confusion.

The Profile Renamer allows the renaming of a profile's filename, internal ("desc") name, or both.

You can access Renamer from Profile Manager, Profile Inspector, or Profile Medic. When in the Profile Manager, select a profile and choose “Profile:Rename”. When a profile is open in the Profile Inspector, select “Profile:Rename” or click the Renamer button. You can also Option-drag a profile onto the application for a quick rename.


Click "Rename" and any changes made to either name will be carried out.

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