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Using the Worksheet to convert a Lab color list through a profile.
I have a list of colors defined in Lab. How can I see what a profile will do to these colors, and save a list of the new Lab values?
  1. Bring your color list into ColorThink Pro (it opens automatically into the Worksheet.)
  2. Click and drag (or use the Add button) to bring in the profile you wish to convert to.
    (You may need to indicate that you wish to add a new profile to the workflow.)
  3. Click, drag and release your new profile onto the color list beneath. This will add the profile a second time.
  4. Choose the "Untitled list" drop down box at the end of the workflow, and choose Save As...
    Choose "Save List As..."
  5. Choose the Destination checkbox which will give you the Lab values as a result of this transform. Click OK.
    Choose "Lab"

The resulting text file will contain a color list of the Lab values as transformed through the profile.

Choose Save as in the last transform as it 'round-trips' through the profile.

Another variation on this procedure is when following a device color list through different profile transforms.

  1. Bring in your RGB / CMYK device list into the Worksheet,
  2. Click and drag to drop the first profile onto the color list. Lab values are automatically calculated.
  3. Click and drag the second profile onto the color list or image area. A second transform is automatically calculated.
    (If the color list were to be saved at this point, the device values & Lab values would be in the wrong order for most CGATS uses.)
  4. In order to solve this, click and drag the second profile again onto the last color list or image area. This creates a "round trip" through the profile in the opposite direction. The device and Lab values can be saved out at this point in the correct order (ie: CMYKLab)

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