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Maintenance for SpectroScan tables

This is a brief overview of common maintenance for GretagMacBeth SpectroScan tables.

SpectroScan table

Clean the Rails

The most common maintenance need for SpectroScan tables is to clean the rails - the metal bars. These stainless steel rails which the Lino glides around on need to be very clean except for a very light coating of lubricant. What we do is apply a small amount of aerosol silicone to a clean rag, apply the cloth to the rails, and then wipe off the rails as much as possible. Take a clean cloth and wipe off the rails which you just applied silicone to. That seems to leave just the right amount of dry lubricant to the rail surface to provide easy gliding. We have seen even a single hair on a rail to cause the movement to stick, so don't underestimate the importance of cleaning the rails.

Remove top cover

To get access to the rails you will need to remove the cover off the upper unit that moves forward and back across the top of the table. There is a front rail and a back rail under this cover. The trick to removing this cover is to use your fingers to pry the BACK of the cover up from behind. Although you can't see them when the cover is on, there are 3 plastic support fins which click into place along the back of the cover. One is in the center of the back, and the other two are equidistant about 4 inches from each end. If you apply equal pressure with your fingers, pulling out, and up from behind - this cover should snap off fairly easily.

Removing table cover

In some cases you may need to access the inner workings of the table. There are more rails inside. To remove the cover of the table:

Once the cover is off you can access the inside of the unit including the rails that move the upper unit forward and back.

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