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AIC - International Color Association
Study Groups in the AIC
AIGA - American Institute of Graphic Arts
American National Standards Institute - ANSI
Apple ColorSync on Mac OSX Technote 2035
ArgyllCMS Open Source Color Management tools Website
CIE - Commission Internationale De l'Eclairage
CGS - CGS Publishing Technologies International
ColorSync 3.0 APIs - Tech note 1185
ColorSync Website
European Color Initiative (ECI)
Graphic Arts Guild National Site
GMG Site
ICC - International Color Consortium
International Association of Color Consultants-North America
"The IACC-NA [as well as the IACC] is an organization of color professionals specially trained in the functional application of color and the human response. Color can have a profound psychological and physiological impact on the human experience, and in particular on users of the built environment. The goal of the IACC-NA is to use color in a more effective way and to create more human, user-supportive environments through the educated application of color."
Inter-Society Color Council
"...The ISCC is the principal professional society in the field of color in the United States, encompassing the arts, sciences and industry, pursuant to the Aims and Purposes described here. Other national organizations with an interest in color are Member-Bodies of the Council and appoint delegations to participate in the Council's work. Individual members are the largest single group...."
International Society for Optical Engineering
International Society of Plastic Engineers - Color and Appearance Division
"...We are mainly technical people from colorant producers, plastic producers, masterbatch producers and compounders. These pages serve our members and the community of plastics color specialists around the world...."
LaserSoft Imaging - SilverFast
"Developer for professional scanner and imaging software SilverFast with own production of targets for calibration digital cameras, scanners and printers."
Munsell Color Science Laboratory

Association for Suppliers of Printing, Publishing and Converting Technologies

Very useful page containing common reference standards and specifications (SNAP, GRACoL, SWOP, IT8.7/3&4)

Photo Marketing Association International
Red River Paper (Printer reviews)
Society for Information Display
Universal Photographic Digital Imaging Guidelines
"A working group of digital imaging professionals and allied trade groups and manufacturers, dedicated to promoting worldwide standards in the commercial application of digital imaging."
Vision Science at NASA
TRICOR Systems Imaging Spectrophotometer

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